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Blender (and sometimes FreeCAD) gallery

The last pictures are in top-left position.

The “Fotolia” taged pictures are no more available for sale on website. All these pictures are available here in very big resolution (about 4000 pixels by side).

If you want to buy these 3D models original files, you can contact me.

Concrete pipes for the "Open trial" motorbike trial game

A motorbike chain kit for the "Open trial" motorbike trial game

A pressure gauge in red zone

Electric wire

A very hot heart (low-poly and materials tests)

A woodworker
Bouée de sauvetage
Life preserver (already used for a 2D logo design)
Un tube de peinture
Paint tube (HDR lighting) (colors available : white, green, yellow, blue, red, magenta and black)
Moulin à vent
A windmill (video available)
    Latitude et longitude
Latitude and longitude illustration