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Where and how purchasing Open trial video game ?

The "Open trial" v1.21 video game is available for download on this web site (see "Downloads").

Try the demo version, it's free to play ! (F2P)

You can purshase the full version of this video game in the section "Inscription / Order" and unlock it.

Price v1.21 version : 9.50 €

Inscription (you need only to provide a email and a password, it's free)   Select options for ordering and purchasing (this website don't provide payment services)   You receive by email the instructions to download full version software   Install and unlock the downloaded software with your email and password

Purchasing this software online is avantageous : [show]

  • You don't waste ink, packing paper, for unecessary packaging
  • Vous don't loose transport cost
  • You don't lose time going in a store.
  • You can test all software fonctionnalities on your computer before (eventually) purchasing
  • When you purchase software from a publisher, only 10% (approximatively) of the software price go to the author (in France). With this website formula :
    • Software prices are lower online
    • The author part is increased