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"Open trial" v1.11 motorbike game downloads

The new v1.21 version is available here

Caracteristics : Demo version Full version
Riders :24
Trials bikes : 24
Sections, colored : 2 4
Sections, black and white : 418
Minimum level : EasyEasy
Maximum level : MediumVery hard
Price : Free 9.50 €
Download for Linux(3)(4) : after purchasing(1)
File size for Linux : 15 Mo 23 Mo
Download for Windows(4) :
(XP, Vista, Seven)
after purchasing(1)
File size for Windows : 11 & 13 Mo 19 Mo

(updated 20/08/2010 at 9:00 for Windows installation versions)

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(1) The url's(2) full version download are available only after purchasing, see here.

(2) a url is a string like this one for example :
"". You can download the file "Open" by using an internet browser like Firefox or Netscape. Juste copy-paste the url in your browser address area.

(3) Compiled with Linux Ubuntu v8.04. Linux Fedora compatible. For a better sound, you can use Irrklang library v1.4 or higher (this version is released with Irrklang v1.3).

(4) Compiled with the version 4.6.3 of the Qt libraries. You can replace the released Qt libraries by more recent versions on the Qt website.