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“Open trial”, the motorbike trial game

A realistic motorbike trial game

Clic on the pictures to play the videos, then clic right-bottom button to enlarge it.

The game is more fluid and realistic than on this videos.

(All these following videos are in slow motion. For better display try the game)

The last videos uses the Theora video codec, Vorbis sound codec and an Ogv container. Look here to download this codec.

Video 1 - Open trial v1.21, Scottish ballad section, very hard level.
 [37 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2017-11-06]
Video 2 - Open trial v1.21, The ruins section, hard level.
 [57 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2017-10-01]
Video 3 - Open trial v1.21, The little streambed section, easy level.
 [14 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2017-09-10]
Video 4 - Open trial v1.21, The fountain section, hard level.
 [24 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2017-08-03]
Video 5 - Open trial v1.21 clip.
 [40 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2017-01-03]
Video 6 - Open trial v1.21, Sherco ST 2013.
 [30 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2016-12-26]
Video 7 - Open trial v1.21, Little fossey, Steeltork 500, medium+ level.
 [18 Mo, Open trial v1.21 2016-12-23]
Video 8 - Open trial v1.20, work in progress.
 [8 543 Ko, Open trial v1.20 2013-03-10]